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Kaka: 2009-2010 Season with Real Madrid

Kaka: 2009-2010 Season with Real Madrid

Kaka is famous for being an agile player with superb ability in constructing attacks and providing assists to other attacking players. These specific abilities are what brought Kaka to Real Madrid, before the start of 2009-2010 season. How was the season for Kaka? What did he accomplish for Real Madrid? We are going to answer those questions in this part.

Kaka played in 22 of Real Madrid’s domestic matches in the 2009-2010 season. He didn’t make any surprises, but managed to amaze everyone – especially fellow Real Madrid players and the team’s avid fans – by scoring 8 goals. Considering that he is actually a midfielder makes 8 goals quite substantial indeed.

As mentioned earlier, Kaka is famous for being able to provide top assists to support other strikers. In the 2009-10 season, Kaka provided 6 superb assists that transformed into amazing goals for the team. Again, the number may not be that spectacular but it is certainly more than enough for the team to lead the La Liga.

Let’s not forget that Kaka is still adjusting to Real Madrid’s playing style and building teamwork with other Real Madrid players. Whether he will be able to contribute more to the team and provide more goals as well as assists in the future is something we need to wait and see to find out. But judging from Kaka’s performances in the 2010 FIFA World Cup so far, it is safe to say that he will be one of the most shining players in European football this season.