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Liverpool: Accomplishments

There are several successful teams in the Premier League, and Liverpool is definitely one of them. They are currently going neck-to-neck with Manchester United to be the best team in the Premier League history, and the rivalry between the two teams couldn’t be more intense. What have Liverpool accomplished so far?

Liverpool is currently holding a record of 18 First Division victories, a record equal to that of Manchester United. The last time Liverpool won the First Division – now the Premier League – trophy was in the 1989-90 season, but with a squad this strong it is not impossible at all to see Liverpool snatching the trophy from under Manchester United’s and other big teams’ noses anytime soon.

Liverpool had also won no less than 7 FA Cup trophies so far. They first won the FA Cup in 1965, and won their last FA Cup in 2006. In 2006, Liverpool also won their 15th FA Charity Shield (FA Community Shield). Let’s not forget that Liverpool also won several League Cup trophies as well.

In the European football competition, Liverpool is a team worth considering as well. They successfully won their 5th UEFA Champions League trophy in 2005, and continued to win their 3rd UEFA Super Cup the same year.

The number of awards booked by Liverpool is definitely among the best, compared to other top teams in the Premier League. It is just a matter of time before they can overtake Manchester United and become the best team in Premier League history.