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Betting on International Outrights

One of the best football betting opportunities would have to be international competition outrights. Whether you bet on who will win the 2010 FIFA World Cup or the 2010 UEFA Champions League as well as other international competitions, scoring large profits wouldn’t be difficult to do at all. All you need is the right calculation and betting system.

When betting on teams competing in international competitions, especially when betting outrights, you need to pay close attention to player stats and overall performance. Statistics and historical data are still important, but a lot of things can happen in the competition and the outcome may not be right statistically.

Find a good source of information and evaluate teams objectively. Remember that the goal is to win this bet, so there is no need to rush. Take your time and go through various details in order to pick the right winner to bet on. Don’t forget to simulate the team’s possible journey along the competition and see if the team you are betting on can progress without serious obstacles.

When done correctly, betting football outrights can be a serious source of money. You will get odds of at least 4, which means you can win £400 just by betting £100 in the chosen team. With less favored teams, the odds can be as high as 20 and even more. Don’t forget to compare odds once you have chosen the best team to bet on in order to place the most profitable bet possible.