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Internazionale Milan: Current Squad

Internazionale Milan or simply Inter Milan is now recognized as one of the strongest teams in Europe after successfully winning the UEFA Champions League this year. Inter Milan defeated a lot of strong teams including Barcelona in the Semi Finals and of course Bayern Munich in the final match. What are the keys to this team’s success? The answer would be their current squad, filled with amazing players from all around the world.

Javier Zanetti is still holding the Captain badge along with Iván Córdoba as his vice-captain. They are both strengthening Inter Milan’s defensive line to the max. Let’s not forget that Inter Milan also has a superb goalkeeper, Júlio César, and another unrivaled defensive player Lucio.

The key to Inter Milan’s attacks would have to be Samuel Eto’o. This amazing player from Cameroon has successfully created numerous goals for the team as well as presented scoring opportunities for other attacking players and midfielders. Eto’o is also famous for being extremely fast, allowing him to break through enemy defense lines without hassle.

Wesley Sneijder, predicted to be the next big thing in the 2010 FIFA World Cup while supporting the Netherlands national team, is another strong player in Inter Milan’s formation. As an active midfielder, Sneijder is capable of producing opportunities and providing passes that any striker in the world would love. His amazing aiming ability makes him superbly accurate in every situation.

With a squad this strong, it is not impossible at all for Inter Milan to continue winning other trophies and titles this year.